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Sometime tonight as I sleep, my fourth novel will be released, officially. CRYBABY LANE is the next book in my New Royal Mysteries series, and I’m very pleased by the early reactions, like these two amazing blurbs from Nik Korpon and E. A. Aymar.

"Like a witty David Lynch, Laura Ellen Scott plunges us into the dark heart of small towns."

-Nik Korpon, author of The Rebellion's Last Traitor and Queen of the Struggle

"Laura Ellen Scott gleefully tramples the imaginary line between "literary" and "genre" fiction in Crybaby Lane. Readers will find much to love and revisit as her story delves into the psyche and history of her characters and the fictional college town of New Royal, Ohio. Whether it's a lost past, an intoxicating rush into love, or the complex machinations of university life, Scott's writing stays honest and vibrant. This is a wonderful book and a unique writer, and both deserve a wide audience."

-E. A. Aymar, author of the Dead trilogy and managing editor of "The Thrill Begins"

Also, I just got off the phone with my mom. She said it's my best book yet. I hope you agree.

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