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Day &Night, Angels & Devils (or: Knowing Your Audience)

Tomorrow I have two events during which I'll be promoting my Pandamoon Publishing novels, THE JULIET, THE MEAN BONE IN HER BODY, and CRYBABY LANE. The first event is the Eat Local, Read Local Festival & Book Sale, sponsored by the Loudoun County Public Library. There will be a wide variety of local authors at tables under tents, and the vibe will be crafty and yummy. I love book festivals in general, but I've learned that the ones that combine book selling with food are especially fun. I love talking to folks browsing the tables, and it's pretty common that I talk to a number of aspiring writers, including young ones, even though my books are definitely written for adults. And generosity is key, flowing both ways. When I give my time+treats, people buy my books.

The second event, however, is going to be a bit more edgy. It's a Noir at the Bar reading at Wonderland Ballroom in DC, and the theme is "6 Minutes in Hell." Noir at the Bar events are

what convinced me to make a full turn towards mystery writing. I've done many fiction readings over the years, in every kind of space, but I've never enjoyed any readings the way I enjoy Noir at the Bar. Actually, I should come clean on the issue. The truth is that Noir at the Bar readings are the only ones I look forward to. Typically, there are several authors, all reading from their crime fiction, and the atmosphere is fun, wicked, and definitely rated R.

"6 Minutes" has been singled out as a Spotlight Event by the Washington Independent Review of Books, and host E. A. Aymar expects the usual SRO crowd. But, he warns the authors attending, "people rarely buy books at these events. So don't get crushed." Instead, Aymar will be raffling off books by the authors, and the audience will pick a favorite at the end of the evening. The winner receives an engraved sabre. Here's the full line-up, in reading order :

Winner of multiple awards for his short fiction and author of On the Road with Del and Louise, Art Taylor.

Former president of the Maryland chapter of Mystery Writers of America and author of the Hannibal Jones mystery series, Austin Camacho.

Author of the New Royal Mystery series and professor at George Mason University, Laura Ellen Scott. (ME! I get to go 3rd! then I can relax)

Thomas Pluck, author of Bad Boy Boogie and Blade of Dishonor, and once called "a lovely kitty man" by Joyce Carol Oates.

Award-winning author Tara Laskowski, author of Modern Manners for Your Inner Demons and Bystanders, and managing editor of SmokeLong Quarterly.

Neo-noir leader Nik Korpon, whose works include Stay God, Sweet Angel, and the forthcoming The Rebellion's Last Traitor.

Author of Let Us Shed These Human Bodies and The Unfinished World, Amber Sparks.

Southern noir writer Eryk Pruitt, filmmaker and author of the acclaimed dark novels Hashtag and Dirtbags. (He always wins, btw.)

Josh Pachter, author of multiple translations and frequent contributor to Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.

I plan to read an old piece that was based on what was an unsolved crime when I wrote it, and when it was published. Recently, the crime has been solved, and I'm interested in gauging the story's impact now. I'll let you know . . .

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