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Book Club Discussion Questions for The Mean Bone in Her Body

I'm not sure everyone is aware of this, but the book club discussion questions you see in the backs of your favorite novels are often written by the authors themselves. I think that's sort of funny because my urge in composing questions is to try to encourage a Polly Prissy Pants style conversation:

But that's not how book club discussions go, is it? Even when the author is present, the group is usually pretty frank about what they liked, disliked, or flat-out didn't get about your book. That's cool. That kind of feedback has been very influential in my development as a novelist, and I've been working hard at becoming more direct with each book. That said, I'll probably never let go of my love for twisty, weird storytelling.

If you've read Mean Bone, what do you think of these questions as a staring point? And if you haven't read Mean Bone yet, what do you expect, based on these questions?

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