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Highlights from The Juliet Blog Tour: One Year Ago

June 2016 I was brought down by my gallbladder and pancreas, put me in the hospital for a week, and basically tore a huge chunk out of my summer. However, I did enjoy a delightful blog tour in support of my first Pandamoon Publishing release: The Juliet. The Juliet is a western mystery/thriller about a legendary emerald, and it combines scenes from a century in the emerald's tragic history with a weeklong search for her in Death Valley in 2005 during what was then called the "Bloom of the Century." Of course, when The Juliet was published, DV was experiencing yet another Super-bloom, and it is expected that changing weather patterns will produce them more frequently.

The blog tour was arranged by Lori Hettler, the indie lit heroine behind The Next Best Book Blog, and it was a real pleasure to be a contributor at so many quality sites. Here are a few highlights:

Lovely Bookshelf--where I attempt to recommend a few so-called western novels by women writers I admire.

Lectito--where I discuss my writing process, especially as it evolved with The Juliet

A Literary Vacation--where I show off my writing spaces

Rainbow of Books--where I discuss managing timelines in The Juliet

Alternating Current's "The Coil"--where you can listen to me read an excerpt from The Juliet

Historical Fiction Excerpts--where you can read an excerpt from The Juliet

The Book Wheel--where I recommend my Top 5 Mysteries

Grab the Lapels--where I am interviewed about The Juliet.

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