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Print books here/Crybaby Postcards on the way

I got my first box of printed Crybabies yesterday, and they are gorgeous. It also appears that folks who ordered the print book, are receiving their copies as well, and it is a joy to see them post pics of the book on FB and Twitter.

UnlikeThe Juliet and Mean Bone, the finish is matte, which enhances the textural look of the cover designed by Don Kramer, the art director for Pandamoon Publishing. Kramer has just launched his own book design company, Nyancept, so be sure to take a look at the photo gallery on the the Nyancept FB page. Here's a pile-up of the print books on my desk, presented by spokesmodel Boo Boo Kitty:

And here's the postcard template that Don put together. I should receive the first shipment by Oct 4. I also have a secret batch with a QR code that folks can scan for goodies.

I'm probably going to use the postcard template to get a foam backed poster made as well. Sure is pretty. Even the most discriminating book connoisseur I know stopped into the office today to tell me how good it looks.

In non-Crybaby news, I finished watching season 2 of Top of the Lake yesterday. I was going to include a thumbnail review in part 2 of my "Miserable Sleuths" round up, but I'm thinking Lake 2 might need its own post, it was that loopy. VERY watchable, but ridiculous.

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